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Fall back to traditional coconut oil

When oil is refined, it loses a lot of nutrients but cold pressing it in a rotary extractor ensures that you retain all of it.

Traditionally, Kerala was known for using rotary extracted oil. Bullocks were led around the ‘chakku’, turning the wooden crusher to extract oil. It was sold loose and people would head to the mills with containers to collect it. Later, industrialized, refined oils took over the market, but now the wheel seems to have come full circle, with people heading back to the ‘chakku’.

Cold pressing is a technique in which the oil is mechanically pressed from the seeds at temperatures not exceeding 120F. The nutrients, which are usually destroyed by heat while refining, are retained in this method. Pure cold-pressed oil is not refined, processed or deodorised. It is also rich in antioxidants, which boosts immunity. Cold pressed coconut oil also retains lauric acid, which has plenty of therapeutic benefits.


Every stage of the manufacturing process is guided by stringent quality norms that are up-to-date with global standards

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We ensure that all raw materials used in our products meet global quality standards.

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We don’t use any preservatives or additives in our food products. The best-quality raw materials are used in all our products

15 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconuts have been gaining a lot of attention lately as coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut sugar are becoming more popular. This super-food serves as a healthier alternative to so many other products from sports drinks to agave nectar. Coconut oil alone has hundreds of different uses, making its way into pantries, medicine cupboards, and even first aid kits.

Here are 15 of our favorites,

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Falak Rotary Extracted Coconut Oil is the best quality coconut oil I have ever purchased in my life. It reminds me of the traditional coconut oil which we used to extract in our home during the early 90's
I have always used coconut oil that was procurred directly from oil mills and this brand matches that superb quality. I use Falak Coconut Oil for cooking and even for skin care for my kid. This is a great product and definitely recommended for healthy cooking.
Great quality 🏅 Value for money 💰
Madhavan Nair
Falak buffalo meat is really delicious. As they say "നല്ല അസ്സൽ പോത്തിറച്ചി"
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